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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

God's Dream

  God fell into a deep sleep and he dreamed he was a man walking on the earth. As he walked he felt the warmth of the sun on his body and the earth beneath his feet. He felt the wonder of being alive. In the dream he met a beautiful woman. He felt a profound connection and fell deeply in love. He joined together with her and she gave him a son. Never had he known such exquisite joy.

His son grew into a man and gave him grandchildren. But then his son was called to war. When his son returned he was changed and died by his own hand taking with him the lives of his family. The beautiful woman, the love of his life, turned cold and crass and ran away with a philanderer only to be later discarded like an old shoe. Years later he sought her out to beg her to reunite with him but she shunned him blaming him for her all her misfortune. She had become old and was lost in her despair and wretchedness. Her beauty had withered away and she determined herself to die alone and bitter. Broken and desperate,  God cried out in his dream, “Why must this life be so?”, but there was no answer forthcoming.
Then God awoke and remembered that it was all just a dream. Upon waking from his dream, he found himself alone and unto himself once again. He remembered the earth as he had dreamed it into existence. He remembered his life as a man with all its joy and all its pain. He remembered the sun and the clouds, he remembered the beauty and the tears, he remembered looking into the eyes of another and finding himself there. God remembered that he had the power to remake the earth in any form he wanted eliminating all the pain and suffering.  But then he saw that it was perfect just the way it is and the way it is not.  God drew a deep breath and lay down to sleep once again, perchance to dream another dream of being on the earth.


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