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Thursday, January 06, 2005

The Epiphany

If you are really lucky, at some point in your life you will discover who you truly are. You will look back at your life and everything you did and thought will immediately make sense. You will discover that your ignorance and denial of who you are has been the only real source of all your suffering. At this point the experience of your life will change so that all your choices become clear and obvious. At every juncture you will be faced with only one ultimate question, “Do I act in accordance with who I truly am or do I pretend to be ignorant, deny being who I am and sell out?” It will be clear that it is not circumstances that cause you to suffer but your failure to be who you are in the face of those circumstances. You will realize that regardless of what you thought before it has always been this way. You will know that circumstances and outcomes are beyond your control and that the only real choice you have is to just be who you are. You will no longer feel the need to alter circumstances or achieve results for you will know your role is to remain in character in the face of all the circumstances regardless of what they may be and that you are part of a drama that will play out throughout eternity that is beyond human comprehension.

You will accept who you are and trust that choosing to be who you are is the most powerful choice you have. In this certainty you will find an inner peace that you have never known before.


Blogger Stephen Martile said...

Hi Michael,

I must come back to this post once every 6 months. It's a fantastic creation.

I thought you should know it deserves honorable mentions since it's such a classic.

thanks for your creation


4:56 AM  

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