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Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Promise I Make to Myself

I promise I will adore you, respect you, admire you, support you, love you, pleasure you, play with you, inspire you, challenge you, affirm you, validate you, thrill you, surprise you and astound you.

When you forget that you are adorable, lovable and worthy of admiration, I will still adore, love and admire you. When you violate yourself by not being your word, I will still respect you for who I know you to be. I will support you when you let yourself down. I will inspire you when you are discouraged. I will affirm, validate and reassure you when you feel lost. When you feel bored I will surprise you, pleasure you, thrill and astound you.

I offer these things because of who I am. When I forget, you will remind me (with love) who I promised myself I would be.

I'm not asking that you change who you are or choose to be (or appear to be) anything other than who you are. This promise to myself does not depend on who you choose to be. My promise is unconditional because I have chosen to make it so for my own sake. The things I have promised you, I have promised myself.

These things, you have always deserved and you always will. That is your birthright. These things have always been available to you. The only requirement is that you be present to claim what has always been yours.


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