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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I Am Not My Body

A lot of confusing questions come up if you believe that you are your body or your mind. If you know that you are more than your body and your mind and that you will exist after those are gone then you know you are also spirit.

If you want to achieve this so called "higher consciousness” work on the idea that you are spirit (energy). You might want to rent the movie "What the Bleep..." if you haven't seen it. It will answer many of your questions. You may come to understand that we have no real certainty of what we are but I know I am not just my body. My body is just where I am focusing my spirit right now.

What we really are is energy; we are God talking to himself. Everything else is just a game we (God) invented to enjoy ourselves. If I am lucky I will have the joy of sharing a new idea with you. If I am lucky you will share a new idea or way of looking at things with me. And if we are both very lucky we will discover together something that neither of us has ever thought of or experienced before. That is the game I invented for myself. I don't meditate or take drugs. This is one way I expand my consciousness. I am an expression of God as are you. The only real relevant question is “are we willing to play in each other’s games?”

The movie "What the bleep" will show you that the experience of life is not really this or that but that it is all made up. If we create this then our experience of life is this. If we create that then that is what our experience of life is. For example if we believe (whether we admit it or not) that, for instance, "Money makes the world go 'round" then that is what we create. Money will make our world go 'round. If we believe "All we need is love" then love will be all we will need. That is how the universe was created in the first place, through thought and the word. That is still how it is created.

One of the traps that is so easy to fall into is the belief that life is something that can be figured out, or that life just is a certain way or is something that happens to you. If you believe that this is so, then this is exactly what you get, but there is no power in this way of thinking. The power lies in knowing that you get to create/re-create your life every moment with your thoughts and words.


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