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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I love People

What is it about human beings that I find so awesome, so powerful and so divine that all the judgments can fall away and I am left with a feeling of connectedness that transcends space and time.

It is the certain knowledge that each of us is not our past, our future or the things that we have done or could do in the future, but that we have the ability and potential to re-create ourselves in whole or in part at any moment to be something wholly new and unique.

What does it mean to re-create oneself and what does that look like? It means to do or be something we have never been before, maybe something we told ourselves we could never do or be. It looks like a baby taking a first step. It looks like taking risks. It looks like saying yes after a thousand no's. It looks like trusting. It looks like creating something unique and beautiful. It looks like loving after a thousand disappointments. It looks like courage. It looks like being alive.


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