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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Will you love me forever?

Mainstream science is finally beginning to confirm what the mystics have been telling us for ages, that time and space is an illusion.

Forever is a long long time and when we ask of each other or ourselves to do or be something forever, it occurs to us as a daunting task. Are we asking the impossible? Does forever exist, or like time, is it just an illusion that takes us away from experiencing the love that exists in the moment?

Would you be satisfied if I told you that I will love you tomorrow but not in this moment? Would you trade away the love in this moment for the promise of love for a thousand tomorrows? I think not, for we cannot know what tomorrow will bring.

How often do we tell those we love that, right now, we are too busy to be present for them? What lessons are our children learning from us? What lessons are we failing to learn from our children? We have made it acceptable to avoid being intimate with others by relegating our feelings of love and intimacy to a time that never comes, tomorrow.

Will I love you forever? I can only promise that I will love you in this moment as you have never been loved before. And as we string those moments together, like pearls forming a necklace, they will trace our lifetime, and we will re-create the feeling of a love that will last forever in each and every moment.


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