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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What is the Purpose of a Rose?

Only human beings entertain these kinds of questions as though there is value in the answer. Only human beings presume to judge what is beautiful and what is offensive. What rose attaches value or lack of value to its form? A rose does not choose to be a rose. A rose does not see itself as more or less beautiful than other flowers. A rose will not find an excuse for being or not being a rose. A rose does not need to find justification for its existence.

As human beings we search for justification for our existence outside of ourselves. We hope to make our lives mean something beyond the beautiful expression of life we already are. When we choose to live in a world of right and wrong, we are as likely as not to fall short in the judgments of others or ourselves and decide not to be the expression of life we are. Will we spend the precious moments of our lives comparing ourselves to others and subjugating our lives or theirs based on our judgments? Or instead will we focus on being the expression of life we are and enjoying the contribution of all of creation to the garden of life?


Blogger Tame said...

Why is it the act of being always overshadowed in our minds by the things we do, we say, we think, we feel. Seems like the rose has beat us at our own game, by any other word, it is still perfect. A reminder to be before I think and to think before I act and to always act to fulfill my being. Thank you Michael and the Roses

8:41 PM  
Blogger TheNote said...

To my favorite "Peace Hero" -
Thank you for the beautiful rose - and matching thoughts.

10:46 AM  

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