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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Enlightenment Intensive

In February of 2009 a friend invited me to a weekend workshop called Enlightenment Intensive to be held at a retreat center in the woods about one hour North of Toronto.

At the workshop we were fed and housed but not allowed to speak to anyone other than when we were actually doing the work. The work consisted of sitting in pairs called “Dyads” and giving answers to one of two unanswerable questions “Tell me who you are.” And “Tell me what life is?” No other conversation was allowed during the workshop.

By Saturday afternoon I had a splitting headache. There was a tension in my neck that had moved up through my head and settled behind my eyes. At one point I felt quite nauseated and I felt my eyes were starting to cross. That evening I was exhausted by bed time and I fell into a deep sleep.

As I slept an energy [I don’t know what else to call it] came to me in a dream in the form of a misty white column that was elliptical in shape. It has no features other than its shape and it seemed to be hovering before me. It spoke to me telepathically with the following message…

You have resisted ritual all your life. The process you are currently undergoing is a form mystical ritual that has been practiced for ages by civilizations and cultures all over the world to bring people together and reunite them with the energy that creates the universe. If you expect to get what you came for out of this process you will need to give yourself to this ritual fully.

It is true; I have resisted ritual all my life. As young man I quickly found myself at odds with my family’s religion and church. The ritual of communion [bread and wine] I had found pointless and absurd.

As the cloud of energy hovered before me I agreed to engage fully in the process. At that moment the cloud dissipated and I looked down at my body and it had become a huge screen that reminded me of a drive-in theatre screen. Instead of my chest, arms and legs there was this huge screen with images being projected upon it. I recognized my face on the screen interacting with other beings on the screen but it was clear that, in the drama that played out on the screen, I was not a separate being but was indeed all beings involved in the drama.

Then the screen [which was still me] began to twist and expand until it had formed into a huge amorphous energy that expanded to fill the universe. As it did so, I began to distinguish shapes forming out of the swirling mass of energy. I was literally watching reality materializing before me. As reality came into focus I found myself back in my body but without the sense of separation and isolation that I had always felt in my life. Indeed I felt a part of everything and that everything was in fact me being projected in 3-D from some source behind the scenes that was hidden but immediately and directly accessible to me.

In this view of reality I saw myself reflected in everyone and everything. I was filled with a sense of timelessness and I found I could dissolve the boundaries that had defined the part of reality I believed was me. I watched everything and everyone come and go, I watched the trees grow and the seasons change from a place of love and acceptance. It was as easy for me to be an acorn that grew spontaneously into oak tree as it was for me to be a majestic mountain that endured the ages. I was a leaf that budded and grew fresh and green then turned brown, blew away and returned to dust to replenish the earth.

I awoke from my dream the next morning with a sense of peace and tranquility. As I sat across from my first partner in the dyad that morning she ask me “Tell me what life is.” and I recounted my dream. Then I said, “I have never been born and I will never die. I am reborn anew every moment.”

“Thank you” she said, and then I ask “Tell me who you are.” and she said “I’m a hologram!” and I said, “Thank you”.


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