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Sunday, October 28, 2007


Do you remember having one of those moments when you were just overcome with gratitude? Maybe your child was lost or a loved one was possibly injured or killed in an accident. How did you feel when they were found safe? How did it feel to see them and hold them in your arms again?

Where has all the gratitude gone that it takes an emergency to get us back in touch with what there is to be grateful for? What things are we given every day for which we have forgotten to be grateful?

We take so much for granted. What is missing when we do that is the feeling of gratitude. That great swell of emotion that reminds us that all is well, that welling up of tears in our eyes and that lump in our throats. As the tears flow it washes away all the doubt and fear that has collected in our bodies.

Gratitude is not something we must save for an appropriate occasion it is a choice we have in any moment. We have chosen not to feel gratitude for all we have been given that surrounds us in every moment.

Look around and take some moments every day to find things for which to be grateful. Feel gratitude for the sunrise and sunset. Feel gratitude your friends and loved ones. Feel gratitude for your life.


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