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Saturday, October 27, 2012



It was indeed Satsang which translates from Sanskrit sat meaning true, sanga meaning company, and together meaning, in Indian philosophy, the company of the "highest truth,"  the company of a guru, or  company with an assembly of persons who listen to, talk about, and assimilate the truth.

We had no Guru handy so we each had to play that role in turn.  We all had no access to the TRUTH so we had to each express our own truth.  Authenticity always commands a listening that goes beyond words, beyond the mind and touches the heart. 
For a few short hours we captured lightning in a jar.  We listened to each other’s stories. We felt each other’s excitement, fears and passion.  We each expanded to enfold each exquisite soul.  We created a space where there was nothing right or wrong, nothing to figure out or fix.  There was only our collective presence and our infinite love. 

In our artificially created culture ideas often seem so important, the details seem so crucial.  But in our 3D world of impermanence ideas morph and details shift without warning. But the listening and the love we provide for each other is constant and unwavering.   When you have created that space, you know everything else will just fall into place.  We all innately know when we are in the presence of this kind of listening and our hearts will beat as One.   The infinite possibility and creatively flows effortlessly from our being because we are safe and protected.   Resurrected from prehistoric millennia we have recreated our tribe.  We suspend our fears, chasing away the shadows of doubt as we gather around our campfire telling our stories and sharing our dreams.  What a gift we are for each other.  What a gift this life is.





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