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Friday, August 22, 2008

Afraid of Nothing

What is this feeling I have? Am I afraid to let the silence be [silence]? Am I afraid that that maybe silence is all there really is?

God breathing in -- God breathing out. What of that brief moment in between? Where was God before time was if not in this in-between moment? What did God feel in this moment, experiencing the singularity of all there is before there was time and space for the universe to expand into?

Have I forgotten that with each breath I re-experience that in-between moment as I choose again and again to re-create all there is, just as it is and as it is not. Have I forgotten that I choose to re-create the illusion of time and space with each breath? Have I forgotten that I create each moment by coming from nothing? Have I forgotten that "nothing" is just the other side of all that is? Have I become afraid of nothing, afraid of the silence?

Only when I can be with nothing can I truly be with all that is. Nothing is just there in each moment to remind me that I AM that I AM. Being okay with nothing, being okay with the silence is the place from which I create everything. Out of being afraid to be with nothing I only create fear of everything.


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