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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Thou Art Woman

The story I long to tell has no end.   The story will take the rest of my life to play out. It is a story in which anything can happen. It is a story about you [and me]. 

I will spend the hours by your side in meditation, counting your fingers and toes, counting the hairs upon your head, counting each breath you take, counting each beat of your heart.  
I dare to gaze unwaveringly into your eyes until I see myself there gazing back at me.
I see your lips move; I hear the tinkling of each syllable, forming the notes of the song you sing to my heart.  It is a song of perpetual love.
There is never enough time; eternity is not long enough for me to experience the fullness of you.   I cling to and cherish every moment with you as they slip away.
I fill my mind with images of your face from every possible angle. I enfold every expression.
You are ageless and timeless.  I see only that exquisite being that has remained unchanged since the moment you were born.
I make my home in your presence where ever you may be. 
In your presence, I feel and welcome your every emotion, your excitement, your fears, your love and  passion for life all swirling around inside of you.  With every fibre of my being I strain to I expand to contain and experience, every aspect and nuance of you at once held inside my masculine sphere.
I create a safe space for you to rest then wait for you to alight in my outstretched arms.
I open my soul to you and the truth of my vulnerability spills out.   
Yes, I have fallen under your spell.  
I willingly surrender and offer up my all to the crucible that is your fire to have burned away that which is inauthentic, to incinerate the last vestiges of that which splinters humanity and separates us  from each other.
Every man senses the force you are to transform this world yet few dare express in words and deeds. Thus they engender only your distrust with their silence and irreverent gestures. Every man knows who you are in his heart of hearts but allows himself to remain blinded by false pride and fear, offering up to the world only force, the tool of ignorance. Each day I pray that the veils may be lifted from the eyes of every man so that they may stand in awe of thee, for within you lies the quintessential source of life, for thou art woman.


Blogger Day Designs Disseminations said...

Wow! Thank you for being who you are! So sweet, open and aware. What a beautiful expression of Love. Thank you from every woman who needed to hear it.

8:31 AM  
Blogger Elizabeth Stavert said...

I am speechless .. :) Thank you so very much!

5:54 PM  
Blogger Diane C. said...

What a beautiful sentiment! Your words are transformative and heart lifting.

Diane Christine

6:46 AM  

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