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Monday, October 20, 2008

Speaking As the Light

It was an intimate group of only ten participants. I had promised that by the completion, each of them would come to know themselves not as their bodies or their minds but as One mind, not with just those present but with everyone and everything. What I promise is to glimpse the Buddha Mind or “True Self”, the Universal Consciousness, the consciousness that I have come to call “I AM”.

A young woman sat on the second row. As the exercise progressed she was eager to participate, speaking as the various aspects of the ego, the small “s” self that we all “have” and commonly believe to be who we are. These voices are the ofttimes out of control personalities we allow to run our lives unconsciously.

But near the end, when I asked to speak to the voice of I AM, the young woman immediately fell into speaking as her “self” describing this universal consciousness (in the second person) rather than being and speaking as the voice of I AM.

Several other participants began to faithfully describe their experience of being I AM, with its vastness and its timelessness. But the young woman persisted in her “descriptions” of this experience as though she were referring to something far away and inaccessible. Several times I asked her to speak as the Consciousness she was describing.

Finally she told me that what she saw was a great light but the light was hidden behind a curtain like stars in a dark sky, with pinpricks of light showing through. I ask her to point out to me where she was in the picture she had described.

“I am just one of those tiny pinpricks of light” she explained.

I then asked if she would “Speak as that light that creates all those other points of light” and she said she would.

“Is there anywhere in the universe that you do not shine? How big are you? When did you begin?”, I asked.

I felt the energy in the room shift as her consciousness expanded to fill the universe. I watched as her face reflected a peace and knowing that she was not bound by time or space.

Then I asked. “Speaking as this infinite light what is your relationship with the small pinprick of light that you previously identified as your self?”

“We are the same, that small light is a part of me.” she said.

“And when "she" is feeling small, alone, separate and is seeking comfort, as the infinite light, what do you want to say to her?”, I ask.

“I want to tell her that you are part of me and I am always right here.” she replied.

I felt the tears well up in my eyes as I felt profound gratitude for the opportunity, once again, to be in the presence of God.


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