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Friday, May 11, 2007

In My Utopia

The word Utopia comes from Greek and means literally “no place” or "place that does not exist". Just because a place doesen’t exist that doesen’t mean it can’t exist so I thought it might be an interesting exercise to create such a place. Here is what it looks like in my Utopia.

In my Utopia no one ever lacks the necessities of life.

In my Utopia people get to create the life they want as long as it does not hurt others or infringe on their right to do likewise.

In my Utopia people don’t want to own or control others but instead create interwoven network of love and acceptance.

In my Utopia people accept others as they are instead of expecting or hoping that they will change to suit what they want or expect.

In my Utopia people freely mesh with each other’s lives learning the lessons they need to learn with each other’s blessing.

In my Utopia friends are forever and your friends always remember your birthday.

In my Utopia people delight in each other’s differences.

In my Utopia everyone always has time to be present for others.

In my Utopia no one need ever feel lonely or unloved.
In my Utopia people only work at what they love.

In my Utopia people always bring out the best in each other.

In my Utopia you can eat all you want and never gain weight.

People have to die in my Utopia, but only once [per lifetime].

In my Utopia when people think of past relationships they only remember the love.

In my Utopia people always listen to each other such that everyone always feels heard (especially children).

People cry in my Utopia but mostly from tears of joy.

In my Utopia there is no fear, no guilt, no jealousy, no regret, no envy, no blame, no judgment of others, no deception, no hate and no wars.

There is always a second chance in my Utopia and the first chance doesn’t count.

It rains in my Utopia but never on weekends.

That is a pretty good start on my Utopia. It will keep me busy for quite a while. I may have to refine my Utopia from time to time but that is ok because my Utopia is a work in progress.

Chances are you don’t want to create the same Utopia as I described and that’s ok. I’ll listen and help you create your Utopia in whatever ways I can.

Ok, it’s your turn; tell me about your Utopia.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Left-Handed Gloves

It was a bright spring morning. I had arrived early at the flea market to get in on the bargains. After a half hour or so of poking around, I noticed a woman at a table selling reconditioned industrial tools. In front of her table there was a barrel with a sign above it that read “Gloves $2.00 each”. I looked in the barrel and saw that it was filled to the top with brand new heavy black rubber industrial gloves, the kind that cost $20.00 to $40.00 a pair in a store. I picked up one of the gloves and put it on my left hand. It was a perfect fit. It came all the way to my elbow. I dug around in the barrel for its mate but I soon discovered that all the gloves in the barrel were left-handed. Now I understood why no one was buying them even though they were so reasonably priced.

The woman at the booth must have been watching people try on a glove, take it off and walk away over and over again that morning. I needed these gloves badly. I had intended to buy several pairs at this bargain price of $4.00 a pair. Desperate not to be beaten out of my find so easily, I grabbed the left-handed glove at the elbow. Closing my fist, I pulled off the glove turning it inside out in the process. Suddenly the glove had been transformed into a perfect right-handed heavy-duty rubber glove. I slipped it on my right hand just to make sure. As I completed the pair with another left handed glove from the barrel, I stood in front of the sales woman wearing a perfect pair of expensive industrial rubber gloves. The look on the woman’s face had turned to one of absolute astonishment.

I quickly bought 4 pairs at the bargain price of $4.00 a pair. As I walked away with my treasure I turned to notice the woman had changed the sign to read, “Gloves $16.00 a Pair” and was busily turning gloves inside out.