The Examined Life

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Sunday, November 27, 2011


You recognized yourself in me from the beginning. We are different yet at once the same. You know me as part of you. I innately know those intimate secrets of who you really are. The secrets that you cherish and revere but have never dared to share.

You see, reflected in me, that capacity for profound love, that kind of love you hold most precious in yourself. You know I will always intend the best for you even though I can have no notion of what that entails. You know I will always do my best for you regardless of the circumstances. I know you will always intend the best for me even when you cannot make it so.

My very existence validates your deepest desires and aspirations. I am an extension of the essence of the One we truly are. Something intimately close to each of us but infinitely larger provides the context that unifies all creation.

I know I cannot separate myself from this context any more than can I pretend that separation is anything more than an Illusion that has ensnared humanity.