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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A friend is someone who...

A friend is someone who looks into your eyes and sees the universe there. A friend is someone who listens to what is important to you because it is important to him or her to discover who you are. A friend is someone who doesn’t make you “wrong” even when you make yourself wrong. A friend is someone who is not afraid to always tell you how you occur for them and hear how they occur for you. A friend is someone who will always intend the best for you. A friend is someone who will always share his/her food with you. A friend is someone who will see himself/herself as an extension of you. A friend is someone who respects and encourages your autonomy and sovereignty as a human being. A friend is someone who loves you even when he/she doesn’t love what you do. A friend is someone who will never compromise his/her values nor ask or expect you to do so. A friend is someone who you can always say “no” to without feeling guilty. A friend is someone who sees and accepts you just as you are and as you are not as well as allowing you space to continually become. A friend is someone who will be at his/her best for you when you are at your worst. A friend is someone who reaches for your hand but touches your heart.

Multidimensional Being

How much of the higher dimensional experience can I integrate with my lower dimensional reality and still be present in both? How much can I trust that the higher vibration provides the bandwidth for all lower dimensions? Indeed from the higher dimension I can coexist in multiple lower dimensional realities.

Am I willing to move outside the confines of the lower dimensions without fear that I will drop off the edge of the earth? How much am I willing to let the limits of the lower dimensional reality limit my experience?

I long to touch you, your body and your mind, to experience your every thought and emotion, to merge with you, to feel your heart beating in my body. I want to feel your bliss and your ecstasy, your loneliness and you pain, your desires and aspirations. This is what we have to share with each other, our fullest experience, a reality happening on multiple dimensions. I am less and less satisfied with only fleeting glimpses of what is possible.

In our lower dimensional world it is a taboo to know you but in a superficial way. I am allowed to see the universe in your eyes but am forbidden to acknowledge it there. I want to feel the texture of you, to smell the intoxicating sweetness of you like a flower that unfolds in my presence. I see you dissolve before my eyes into glimmering splendour, drawing light from every corner of the universe and from every moment since the beginning of time to form your exquisite being. The light that is you plays before my eyes as your image shimmers and dances with the brilliance of ten thousand suns. Tears well up in my eyes and a lump forms in my throat. How can we help but be dazzled and in awe as we honour each other with ecstatic and joyous presence?